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Re: Parts/Services Pull Down List & PDF filename

Thene wrote:
1. Is it possible to turn the Number field into a pull down list of Parts and Services when generating a Sales Invoice?

This would definitely be possible. I have my own database of products/vendors that has pull down menus. However, I only have about 50 vendors. I don't know how long a pulldown list could be and still be practical. I do know most browsers let you jump to a particular first letter of a list by typing it after selecting the pulldown.

My pulldown list shows vendor names which the program then converts to a vendor_id number.

Doing this should be fairly easy, with a default selection of 'new' if a part/service needs to be added, a second entry of 'manual' entry and a text entry to be used if 'new' or 'manual' is selected.

I haven't had time to check out 1.3 yet. It is possible something like this has been added to it.

Chris Bennett


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