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Re: ETA for LSMB 1.3 production?

On 27 Jun 2009, at 00:51, Chris Travers wrote:

I have a client with a 1.2.18 install but with only about 2-dozen
entries.  I could easily have those reentered into 1.3 if 1.3 is
considered stable enough.

Well, if this was important to do, my suggestion would be to do so along with a support contract and consultation as to what exactly would be needed to make it work for the business.

I imagine the concern might be over migration to 1.3 in the future.

I think you've said at least once that it's not certain whether safe migration of data from 1.2 will be possible - that it may be better to start a new database from scratch (at the beginning of a financial year?) when adopting 1.3.

I would imagine that, if this is the case, there will be a strong temptation for new users to adopt 1.3 "before it's ready". This may not be advisable, perhaps, but it is understandable.