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Re: LAN Setup

>>>>> "David" == David A Bandel <..hidden..> writes:
    David> is a "zeroconf" address -- it's what Windoze
    David> uses when it gets lost (can't figure out what it's address
    David> should be), but there are zeroconf utilities for Linux and

  That's not fair.
  Windoz does get lost lots, but was allocated
specifically for zeroconf, and it's a legitimate way to do networking.
  That windoz fails into using their network, and often route
to this LAN, so anyone within wireless listening of you can hijack *ALL*
your traffic, is certainly a sin, but...

  As you say, Linux and Mac (and Cisco and ...) can easily participate
in such a network, which usually is what you would permit to be
configured if you and your friends are having a LAN party in the middle
of the park.

  I would not call it a bogus address for this reason.
  It's not crazy to use this on your LAN, given Bonjour/LLDMS/mDNS/Avahi
(whichever you want to call it), you can use it along with a stable
  I just don't recommend it either.

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