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Re: LAN Setup

Change you point of view and you can easily accomplish this.

the pg_hba.conf file is telling Debian(postgreSQL) wher to listen and
how to authenticate sql sessions. It only needs to listen localy and
authenticate in that manner (trust). Authenticate the user ledgersmb in
your case localy.

Once that is done, meaning it works on the machine installed on you are
looking at apache to service request to remote users.
Which it should already our of the box.

Knowing the IP address of the Debian machine ( CLI-> ifconfig )
got to your Windows machine and typ http://<ipaddress of the

What do you see?

Also go to http://<ipaddress of debian box>/ 

and tell us what you see...    i.e.

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I need some help in seting LSMB to run on a household LAN. I have tried
attempts. Between locking up a computer and just reading way to much and

getting confused, I decided I need some help. The senario I thought was
simple, I have Debian (Sidux) box with LSMB installed and I would like
Windows Xp box to have assess to this information.

I believe /etc/postgresql/8.3/main/pg_hba.conf
should be setup like this

local   ledgersmb       all        	169.XXX.X.X             md5

DBname       = ledgersmb
DBhost       = localhost (does this need to be changed to 169.XXX.X.X )
DBport       = 5432
DBUserName   = ledgersmb

Do I need to change /etc/hosts

I am assuming apache2.2 needs to be modified, but I am at a loss to
that out.

I am positive that I have missed something else.

I am open to all suggestions or links

Many thanks

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