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Re: Migration: QuickBooks to LedgerSMB

I apologize for what must be a repeated question.  Are there migration tools
to move from QuickBooks to LedgerSMB?  I did not find anything in the
distribution.  Also, I checked the SqlLedger site for ideas and found that
the Migration Tools page was empty.

Which version of Quickbooks?  And is this on Windows?

I don't know of any tools, but I might be able to point you in the
right direction in terms of doing a migration.

I'd be interested in that, too.

QB2005 Regular. I'm not aware of QB being on anything but Win.

It could be a good way to pick up plenty of hacked-off QB customers. Intuit have changed the product range about a bit, and the choice is now between a cheap standard edition which doesn't even do aging of invoices or an expensive "Pro" version which does far more than most smaller businesses need.

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