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Newbie question: error creating service

I have only just installed LedgerSMB, have customized the COA but got stuck at defining services. I have worked through many of the mailing lists and other supplied material, but have not managed to find an answer to my problem. I can create goods (but I don't sell any) but when I try to create a service and click "Add Service", I get this error:

Cannot create Service; Income account does not exist!

I have not removed any accounts. Under the Dutch standard I would book income on account 8520, ("Sales results A"). This account is present. When I define a "Good" it is even pre-selected as the income account. Why doesn't this work with a service?

Apologies if this is all too obvious. There must be a step that I have skipped, but I can't seem to find it. Please help.


Jos Geluk.

Ardis Park Music
tel. 06 5341 4670