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Re: RPM Installation

Chris Travers wrote:
Read the spec file a little further:

cat << TAK > rpm-ledgersmb-httpd.conf
Alias /ledgersmb/doc/LedgerSMB-manual.pdf
<Files %{_docdir}/%{name}-%{version}/LedgerSMB-manual.pdf>


perl -p -e "s,/some/path/to/ledgersmb,%{_datadir}/%{name},g"
ledgersmb-httpd.conf >> rpm-ledgersmb-httpd.conf

OK. I changed "/some/path/to/ledgersmb" to be "WORKING_DIR", rebuilt and reinstalled the RPM. Now when I browse to http://host.domain.tld/ledgersmg/admin.pl or http://host.domain.tld/ledgersmg/ I get the LSMB pages.

I'm still testing as I can't add a dataset. Adding a user gives me an error about no dataset. That could be either my trying to install LSMB into a schema in a database instead of a just a database or something else entirely. 8-| Got to do some more reading. I saw something about a different admin user names/passwords and creating datasets or using existing.


then later:

install -m 644 rpm-ledgersmb-httpd.conf \

Does that make more sense?
Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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