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How to deal with Paypal fees/cashback

I use a PayPal business account to accept credit cards.
As a business account, I have a debit card that immediately accesses
those funds.

Paypal is mildly inconvenient, but has very low fees and easy to set-up.
They charge me something like 3% plus $0.25 for each payment.

1. When I use the debit card as a credit card for purchases, I get 1% back.
2. No plus or minus as debit card.
3. ATM fees as normal for cash withdrawals.

Any advice on how to set this up well?
There are few fees per month, but an awful lot of small cashbacks
to keep track of.

The amounts involved in fees/cashbacks are really not very large.
Would it be appropriate to dump this into something like an overhead

Chris Bennett

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