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Re: Invoice reminder letter

On 5 Feb 2009, at 21:37, Chris Travers wrote:

Does LedgerSMB not have any facility to print an reminder letter (or
other generic form letter) to customers in its database?
That might be helpful.  What format would the output be?  PDF/PS?
Text for an email?  Something else?

All of the above, really. It needs the same options as to email / print / post a regular invoice. I had kinda envisioned a letter on headed paper, as hopefully that'll have more

Actually, I've had a bit of a revelation whilst preparing this reply. I knew I'd asked about this before, or at least something similar.

Pete's suggestion is good - it is simple & straightforward - but as an improvement the reminder may sometimes need to refer to multiple invoices outstanding on one account.

So I just found my previous related message:
And the reply:

I think the reason I ignored this before is because that report doesn't show payments, which IMO ideally it should. I probably decided that this was "buggy" and to snobbishly ignore this report forever.

Anyway, if one just uses alternative templates, then this is the way to do it, IMO. One can say "please bring your attention the outstanding invoices, see list below, I would be grateful for payment at your earliest convenience" or I think one can be clever and use \ifthenelse to insert the ", and " necessary to change "to outstanding invoice 0123, I would be grateful" to " "outstanding invoices 0123 and 0133, I would be grateful".

I'm not sure if the best way is a drop-down alternative template to AR Aging - IMO that kinda "hides" it from the casual user - but it certainly could use the same code. I do kinda like the idea of it being available from completed AR Transactions &/or Outstanding reports, which I use all the time, but maybe now I've discovered AR Aging (which I find to be a completely opaque term) I'll start using it directly.

There's something about using different *invoice* templates that kinda bothers me - clearly Pete's usage is legitimate, but I rather feel that it could lead a user or site to the temptation of using alternative invoice designs and a different layout being sent to the customer from the hardcopy kept in paper records. I would expect this to be a big no-no with the Inland Revenue, were the appearances significantly different.