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Pricing Assemblies

OK, trying this again on a fresh database install.  I missed Chris'
advice on deleting from the offending table.  Started from scratch

I have a company which sells widgets, in convenient blister packs full
of them, with three different sizes: 250, 500 and 1000.  It charges a
quarter a widget, and 39.95, 69.95 and 99.95 for its blister packs.  

I process a vendor invoice to create an inventory of widgets.  

I Goods_&_Services->Add_Assembly to create Assy-0250, Assy-0500 and

It applies my $0.25 a widget price to the blister pack, and says I'm
charging $62.50 for my small assembly, even though I tried to tell it I
was only asking $39.95.  

What is missing here?

-- Hugh