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Re: Installation on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server

On 7/22/07, Nic Snide <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi, all,

I'm new here, and am evaluating LedgerSMB for a Ubuntu-based CD for an NGO in the Philippines.

Can someone point me out to the instructions for installing LedgerSMB specifically for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server?  Preferably one that has the actual .deb file for Ubuntu, or failing that, a list of all the required prerequisites and possibly script files for automating the installation?

I will leave distro-specific notes for others who are more familiar with that distro.  If you can provide specific questions about what in the INSTALL file is not working for you, that woudl be helpul as well.

Really, a packaged deb file that just pulls everything would be so much nicer....

Debian packages for 1.2.7 are forthcoming. 

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