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Re: Need advice...

Chris Travers wrote:
On 6/30/07, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:
Hello folks,

LSMB 1.2.5 with updated Form.pm.

I have a weird problem that I've been trying to (futilely) solve for
three days.  A user reported a problem that I can't replicate.  Here's
what happened, according to the user:

She needed to return money to a customer who over-paid by check.  To do
this, she:

1) went into AR -> Add Transaction
2) made sure the correct user was chosen and entered the invoice number
3) put in a total of -4.00
4) set the AR account to 4012 (account used to track returns)
5) entered payment
6) hit update to make sure all is correct
7) posted the transaction

Afterwards, she went back and reviewed the transaction to make sure all
worked as intended and noticed that there was an NaN.00 in the payment
field.  I went in to view the transaction in question and she's right.

A couple of days later, a different user reported that the trial balance
report and several others are missing accounts, throwing off the totals
and dates by a lot.  In fact, it's missing every account that has one or
more records with "NaN" as the balance.

A couple of questions:

1) any idea what could have happened?

No idea whatsoever.  However, the best thing to do is to find out what
actually got stored in the database.  In psql, do a search on the
invoice number in AP.  If you have to, you may need to look up the
vendor_id (id in vendor table) associated with that vendor.

Then look up the records in acc_trans that match the record.  Look for
anything that looks unusual.  If you can send me that result, it would
be helpful.  In particular look for NULL values.

2) does anyone have any suggestions on how I might get this fixed before
it gets worse?

Once we know, we can add appropriate constraints to throw an error
rather than store invalid data.

Sent you 1 of the 4 bad records I found privately.