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Re: A few small questions from a new user

MJ Ray wrote:
Hi all,

Hey MJ... interesting to see you out of SPI.

Can anyone point me at the docs for/tell me the Right Way to:
 - save journal lines and account summaries to CSV?

Not sure about this one.

 - issue a multi-currency invoice?

I don't think we can do this.

 - edit an invoice after it's posted?

You can't do this as it violates accounting rules.

 - run a period end routine? (The manual has Year-end limitations in
section 4.7.4, but a search for Year-end didn't find it elsewhere.)

Chris Travers is your man on this one.

Sorry if they're dumb questions.  I used SQL-Ledger some time ago,
but I'm pretty sure I struggled with these there too.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Not dumb questions at all.


Joshua D. Drake


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