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Re: Do you use LedgerSMB

Yes, LedgerSMB 1.1.12 IS our actual and only accounting system for about three months - SQLLedger for three years before. We sell service, hosting by the month, development by the hour (also using the Timecard-->Sales Order-->Invoice mechanism), and physical product.

I run it on a Xen instance using a minimal FC6 using the Fedora Apache, Perl and Postgresql RPMs and the LedgerSMB tar file dumped over the SQLLedger install - no mess, no fuss.

I did turn SELinux off (I think there is something about it on the SL web site), and the only real trouble I had with it was getting the initial DBI/DBD communication working and getting Apache to actually execute the scripts instead of printing them. Those were also in the FAQ on the SL site, so I guess I should read the manual occasionally.

Patrick J. McLaughlin Jr. wrote:
I have been looking for an inexpensive accounting system for my tiny, one person, operation. I have been using DacEasy 8 for several years but I would like move to a program like LedgerSMB. I was going to try SQL-Ledger but there seems to be a lot of “attitude” over there. I get enough of that everyday now.

The question I have is, does anyone use LedgerSMB now as their actual accounting system. I know it's supposed to much more then this, but I need a place to start. I tried TinyERP and I just don't seem to “get it”. I had a look around at some other programs and the pay ones want $500 - $20,000 and that's a lot to me, or they are very simplified checkbook type programs or like OpenTaps, gezzz, I don't need something that over kill!

I'll have to try and install LedgerSMB again though. I tried it on my Fedora 6 box and it wouldn't work. I think that the SELinux thingy is mainly the problem. Has anyone use simplyMEPIS for a LedgerSMB install? It's supposed to be just like Debin, they even use Debin and Ubuntu repositories in the Synaptic package manager and they have dpkg and apt-get.

The folks over at Vector Linux should get involved here. They would have a much easier time pushing their SOHO distribution if it had a working accounting program. I would probably just use GNU Cash if it was accessible over a network like LedgerSMB.

Best of Luck to all. Special Thanks to the guys and gals at LedgerSMB.
Pat Jr.

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