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Re: Tax Account Not Credited for Invoice Post

> Issue is that with a tax account that has been added to the system, when
> trying to post an invoice for a customer that is supposed to have their
> taxes done using my added tax account, with a service that also has this
> tax ID. Sample chart of accounts with failing tax account on 1.2.4
> attached.

Ok, I think I have found where at least part of the problem is.  If in Tax.pm 
on 1.2.4 you have this line:

 next if $taxaccount !~ /$taxaccounts2/;

Which is wrong, and will cause the tax to never be posted if you have more 
than one tax type assigned to a customer.  I checked and it appears to be 
fixed in SVN, so that is good.  Should be:

 next if $taxaccounts2 !~ /\b$taxaccount\b/;

With this fixed, the tax now posts, and the total on a printed invoice shows 
the correct total amount, but the print function is still not showing the tax 
name/number like it used to.  This may be related to the expiring tax 
accounts thing, so I'll look at that next.

What revision did this above mentioned fix go in?

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