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Re: Help on migrating from SL to LS 1.1.12 - first login to system stalled on Upgrading to Version 1.1.12


Try as follows:

log into the db using psql.
select version from defaults;

Then run the SQL scripts one at a time from the version listed.  I.e.
if it says 2.6.12, you start with the upgrade script starting with

The command to run the scripts is \i path/to/file inside psql.

When you get an error, post that here.  Chances are that you have some
sort of invalid data in your database.  We want to find out what sort
of data bafore proposing a solution.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Chances are, you have a problem with your

On 5/30/07, ousseynou diagne <..hidden..> wrote:

I  am migrating our Sql-Ledger 2.6.15 with Postgres 8.2.0  to Ledger-Smb
1.1.12  I have follow all the steps outlined on the the Wiki HOWTO
Update an existing SQL-Ledger installation to run with LedgerSMB.  After
accessing the new system to logon the page  will  display  Upgrading to
Version 1.1.12 … message , stay busy for a while and  seems to finish by
shown done at the bottom left of the web page. If try to reconnect again
the system shows login disabled!.  If I connect to the admin interface
and unlock, I got the same message again when I logon to the system
(Upgrading to Version 1.1.12) … and so on…
Anyone has an idea what may be wrong.   When I connect to the admin
interface, all my users have been migrated but from the Pg Database
Administration interface the database user is now ledger-smb (which I
guess is ok since I have migrated). The problem, (if it is?) is that
Sql-ledger user is still the owner of the database and tables. I thought
this was the problem and have added the ledger-smb user with the
Superuser, Creatdb Createrole, Login roles  and Password  but it did not
help.   I  also tried changing the database user ledger-smb to
sql-ledger by editing the file /usr/local/ledger-smb/bin/admin.pl to
replace ledger-smb by sql-ledger since sql-ledger is still the owner of
the database. It did not workout.    I need help please     I am running
this on our test database which is a duplicate of our production system.
We have done some customizations on our system but I don't think it is
the problem.

Any help would be appreciated

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