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Re : Cumulative tax PST on GST

Ok, this is only half true!

On the form AR/Sales invoice, the tax calculation is not cumulative. But it is when you print (on screen) the invoice. Also if you select AR/Transactions you will see that the total amount of the invoice is correct (the only way to have it correct is do cumulative tax calculation), but when you select that invoice you get into Edit Sales Invoice Form and there the total amount is not the same and the second tax (in my case Quebec PST) is not computed on GST.

So for me this version 1.2.5 should not be called production stable because it isn't. However it is important to keep releasing quickly and often.
I would love to help and dig into the code, but I hate perl (not elegant even if it is powerful). Please! I am not starting a programming language war here.

Khalil Foundy

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I red in different places (forum/mailing list) that sales taxes are computed in sequence if the ordering is in sequence (0,1) which is the case of the Canada/Quebec chart of accounts (ledgersmb 1.2.5). However I did a few tests and found it not working. For an amount of $100.00 GST(6%) should be equal to $6.00 and PST(7.5) should be equal to $7.95. ledgerSMB gives me $7.50. Obviously this is not computed in a cumulative way.
The only way I found to get around this is to change the value of PST to be 7.95%.

Any one in Quebec using ledgerSMB and faced the same problem ?

Khalil Foundy

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