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Re: New Install - Getting kicked out of Admin Screen

Hi Vlad!

Thanks but I did this.  It accepts the password and lets me into the
next screen but clicking on any option there [Add User][Change Admin
Password][Pg database Administration] kicks me back to the login


On 5/12/07, Vladimir Botka <..hidden..> wrote:
Dne Sat, 12 May 2007 13:05:03 -0400
"Vincent Bono" <..hidden..> napsal(a):

> Hello All,
> Sorry if this double posts!
> I just installed Ledger-SMB v. 1.2.4 on Centos 4
> Installed Postgres 8.24 from RPMs
> Installed DBI, DBD::Pg, and dependencies needed buy Build.pl using
> Everything seems all happy and I can login from using
> which accepts the password I used when I created the ledgersmb
> postgres user and that  I set in the [globaldb] and [globaldbh]
> sections of ledgersmb.conf  (I'm using the same password)
> Now, if I click on anything at all (new user, create new dataset) it
> kicks me back to the Admin login screen.
> No messages at all in http/error_log or  access_log
> :-(
> Any ideas?
> -Vin


should accept the MYPASSWORD you used when you created the admin

ledgersmb=> UPDATE users_conf SET password = md5('MYPASSWORD')
WHERE id = 1;

hint1: admin is user id=1
hint2: ledger-smb/INSTALL

Cheers, -vlado

Dr.Vladimir Botka

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