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Re: how to customize the sales invoice screen

Hi Raymond;

At the moment, customizing specific screens is possible with the
requisite understanding of Perl and HTML, but it is not pleasent.  If
you have these skills and would like further guidance, we can help on
the -devel list.

However, we are also working on moving to a template system for all
user interface screens.  THe invoice and order screens will not be
moved until 1.4.0 at the current rate, however.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 5/5/07, Raymond Cheng <..hidden..> wrote:

Is there ways to customize the sales invoice screen? I really want the
screen just as simple as the pos invoice. Why we need Delivery Date and
Serial No. if items have no serial numbers and will be delivered the same
day as invoice is generated. Ideally, Serial No. shows only if the item is
checked for tracking serial number in parts entry menu (similar to the tax
checkbox) while Delivery Date shows only if OH is fell below zero. It is
tedious if invoices have many items that we need to scroll the screen up and
down. They just simply eat up screen spaces. Thank you.

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