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Re: Closing an invoice even when it doesn't want to be.


I have a scenario which I'm not sure how to handle in LedgerSMB.

I have an customer invoice which is settled, but is a penny out. The customer's accounting system has a rounding error (these things get everywhere), and basically they are paying me £0.01 less than this particular invoice calls for.


However, I handled this by creating a ledger called "Minor Order Revaluations". I use this to "pay" for any small differences between the amount sent and the amount invoiced (as part of the normal payment process). I get it on vendor invoices from online companies as well though. They sometimes seem to take a penny too little from my CC

Contrast this with a similar technique for fees though.

Suppose you received a payment via Paypal/Credit card or something where there is a fee. I would handle this by having a "Credit Card" ledger which tracks payments, plus a "Paypal discounts" ledger where we store the fees. In this case show the full payment against the invoice and then add a ledger entry to deduct the fees.

It all comes down to what you want to show though - it would be equally valid to show the full payment against the invoice and then use a ledger entry to correct the payment - I just like to highlight to my customers how nice I have been by showing their discount on the bottom of the invoice...

Ed W