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Re: Chinese Fonts

On 22 Apr 2007, at 03:40, Raymond Cheng wrote:

I just setup ledgersmb and run some testing. All look good except it won’t printout Chinese fonts properly. Fonts display ok with html on screen. However, Fonts are corrupted if I printout to a printer using either postscript or pdf.

Can you print Chinese fonts in a regular LaTeX document?

For example, edit the attached test.tex as appropriate, so it appears in your text editor with the appropriate Chinese characters & fonts that you'd wish.
Then run `latex test.tex && dvipdf test.dvi`

Does the resultant pdf display correctly?
If not, you want comp.text.tex
It's that way ---->

It looks like you might need to install a UTF8-capable version of LaTeX using your distro's package manager.


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