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Re: restore database errors

Can the new server access the old server? If so, you should use pg_dump from 8.2.3 to dump the file instead (I think that's possible). Doing so means that the dump will be output in a format that can be read correctly by psql 8.2.3 on import.

I'm not a windows user but format of the command should be pretty similar from the command-line:

pg_dump -h IP_OF_OLD_SERVER -U ADMINUSERNAME DB_NAME > dumpfile.txt

to pull the file back in:

psql ADMINUSERNAME postgres -f dumpfile.txt

I'm not familiar enough with pgadminIII to advise you on how to approach this from within that GUI interface.


hmm no one on this list able to help?? where should i be posting these questions as stated on your website i was expecting some friendly support ----- Original Message ----- From: RYAN M. vAN GINNEKEN <..hidden..> To: ..hidden.. Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 2:26:44 PM GMT-0700 Subject: [Ledger-smb-users] restore database errors

yes i am running pg-dump on window i do not really like dealing with databases so i am using pgadminIII a gui connected to my databases make life much easier sorry i sent incomplete text attachment last time my attachment keeps getting bounced so i have attached a zip file with the extension txt I get lots of errors when i try to restore my database for sql-ledger to the shiny new smbledger I have attached them hope this list allows attachment. the dump goes fine but the restore seem very bad here are the versions involed old server sql-ledger-2.6.25 postgresql-server-7.4.13_1 new server ledgersmb 1.2.3 postgresql-server-8.2.3


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