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Re: LaTeX - some logos print, others don't.

On 17 Apr 2007, at 06:28, Chris Travers wrote:
In 1.2.2-3, you should change the LaTeX templates to use the absolute
path to any custom logos.  We cant really parse the LaTeX to know
which files to copy to /tmp/ and that would not be safe anyway.

I'm confused - if the template can be parsed to find the L-SMB logo, how come it cannot be parsed to find my logo? (logo-outline.*) After all, my new logo is in the same directory as the L-SMB logo that _is_ being used. (and in the same directory as the invoice.tex)

  # pwd
  #  ls -l templates/stroller/logo* templates/stroller/invoice.*
-rw-rw---- 1 apache apache 7652 Apr 16 05:52 templates/stroller/ invoice.html -rw-rw---- 1 apache apache 614 Apr 17 14:22 templates/stroller/ invoice.tex -rw-rw---- 1 apache apache 130059 Apr 16 06:10 templates/stroller/ logo-outline.eps -rw-rw---- 1 apache apache 53379 Apr 16 06:10 templates/stroller/ logo-outline.png -rw-rw---- 1 apache apache 32984 Apr 16 05:52 templates/stroller/ logo.eps -rw-rw---- 1 apache apache 15928 Apr 16 05:52 templates/stroller/ logo.png

In any case, I tried as you suggested:

  $ sudo grep logo /usr/local/ledger-smb/templates/stroller/invoice.tex
\includegraphics[height=2cm]{/usr/local/ledger-smb/templates/ stroller/logo-outline} \includegraphics[height=2cm]{/usr/local/ledger- smb/templates/stroller/logo-outline.png} \includegraphics[height=2cm]{/usr/local/ledger-smb/templates/ stroller/logo-outline.eps}

And this made no difference (as I'm afraid it made none under SQL- Ledger).