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The right values for fields in chart table


if anybody can publish all possible values with descriptions for fields in table 'chart'?

A short description what we (me and my brother :)) a doing.

We are adapting Lithuanian chart of accounts from SQL-Ledger, but not all values are well interpreted by GUI, for example, if record in 'category' field equal to 'T', than value 'T' has ignored.

Bellow is query from SQL-Ledger.

INSERT INTO chart (accno,description,charttype,category,link,gifi_accno) VALUES ('505','Suteiktų paslaugų pajamos','A','T','AR_amount:IC_income','');

This query works fine in LedgerSMB, but GUI don't display any 'RadioButton' selected from Account category. They all become cleared. If I select Account Category (Income) by hand and save selection, field of 'chart.category' was filled with value 'I', but not 'T' as in SQL-Ledger.

Is here are more differences?

Best wishes,