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Re: Upgrade Error

On 4/12/07, Leah Kubik <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi Angus,


> NOTICE:  ALTER TABLE / ADD PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index
> "tax_pkey" for table "tax"
> ERROR:  could not create unique index
> DETAIL:  Table contains duplicated values.


> chart_id | rate |    taxnumber    |  validto
> ----------+------+-----------------+------------
>     10019 |    0 |                 | 2006-06-30
>     10019 | 0.06 | GSTNUMBER |
>     10020 | 0.07 | PSTNUMBER         |

I had a similar issue when I did my update.  In my case I just had some random
null entries below valid ones with the same ID.  I just deleted the. But in
your case it sounds like somthing needs to be done to deal with making sure
that you still have the 0 rate prior to 2006-06-30.  Maybe the chart_id can
be updated for this entry to something else, but I don't know the software
well enough to know if that would cause problems elsewhere (probably) so I'd
wait for an answer from Chris or someone who knows for sure...


Hi Leah,

I do need that "0" tax entry in there since I didn't have a GST number when we started the business.  We've always had a PST number though, that's why there's no second entry for the PST tax account..

I'd really appreciate a reply on this from someone who can help, it is a show stopper for me to even try this software with "real data."

I sure hope someone can help!

Angus Jordan