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"First install" problems

It appears that the default postgres user is not set in the Fedora Core 6 installation, or I may have made a mistake somewhere.  However, maybe adding this to the INSTALL file will by default make sure it doesn't get left to chance, I've put everything in there what I either dug out or what Chris told me.

All in my efforts to make the LSMB install 'me' proof - it's then less likely to confound other SME/SMB users as well :-)

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Checking PostgreSQL setup.

A: (re)setting password for 'postgres' database user

If it's a new installation it is possible that the password for the "postgres" database user is unknown (this is different to the SYSTEM user 'postgres' which can be simply set with 'passwd postgres' from the root prompt).  How to (re)set that password (replace "my_password" with a suitably strong password):

(1) locate the file pg_hba.conf.  In Fedore Core 6 this is in /var/lib/pqsql/data
(2) add the line "local all all trust" to the top of the file and save
(3) reload or restart PostgreSQL ("/etc/init.d/postgresql reload")
(4) set the password for the "postgres" user:

..hidden.. ~]# su postgres
bash-3.1$ psql -d template1
template1=# ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD 'my_password';
template1=# \q  <= exit
bash-3.1$ exit

(5) open pg_hba.conf again
(6) remove the "locall all all trust" line and save.

B. Checking authentication method
Both OpenSuSE and Fedore (and maybe other distros) use the 'ident' authentication which needs changing:

(1) locate the file pg_hba.conf.  In Fedore Core 6 this is in /var/lib/pqsql/data
(2) find the line starting with "local all all" - it is likely to contain the word 'ident'
(3) change it so it reads "local all all md5 sameuser" and save the file
(4) reload or restart PostgreSQL ("/etc/init.d/postgresql reload")

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