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Can't change user interface language


I'm novice in LedgerSMB and I don't understand how to change user's interface language. Then I studied versions 1.10 and 1.12 of LedgerSMB I could change UI language in Preferences form by selecting from Language drop down list, but after installing LedgerSMB v.1.2.0 and v.1.2.2 I can't do it any more. Everything looks the seem as in previous versions: I can select any language from Language drop down list, I can Save changes, after reopening Preferences I can see new language selected, but all menus and labels are in English only. I checked translations in /usr/local/ledger-smb/locale/po/*.po files of languages (Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Duch, Spanish/Colombia) which I tried and saw that translations in this files exist. Also I checked field 'countrycode' of 'users_conf' table in 'ledgersmb' dataset. Everything looks good. Value of 'countrycode' field always was setted to selected language value after saving changes in Preferences form.

I was tried to install LedgerSMB v.1.2.0 on my ubuntu Edgy system from source following instructions in Install and readme files and in debian apt-get way. I downloaded Version 1.2.2 from svn repository, but nothing happens on UI language selecting things.

Best wishes,