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Re: Backup After SL-->LS Switch

Michael Schultheiss wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
O.k. I think I have this pretty much nailed in the branch. If you want to do a checkout, you will be able to do backups again.

Let me know how it goes for you, and I will close the ticket.

I checked out the 1.2 branch and it's still a no go:

Send by E-Mail still gives me:


Hmmm I only checked the file method not the email but your errors points to a different problem then the one I fixed.

As far as the diff, you would see most of the changes in AM.pm.

Joshua D. Drake

menu.pl:86: open |/usr/bin/sendmail -t: No such file or directory
at LedgerSMB/Mailer.pm line 114

I'll update my ledger-smb.conf file (which has the pipe) but as far as I
can tell, it shouldn't be referrenced at all.

Save to File still gives me a gzipped empty file.

FWIW, I diffed LedgerSMB/Sysconfig.pm from my 1.2.0 install and the
branch and the only difference was the backup path - I didn't see any
evidence of "Also adjusted to use correct db connect globals"

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