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CCA / Depreciation of Capital Assets ?

I tried to send a question about this before, but I am not sure if it went 
through correctly.  Anyhow, I'm doing my taxes and I'm trying to figure out 
what is the best way to track in the Ledger-SMB Capital Assets on which I 
claim CCA allowances yearly for.  

That is, you can write off, say, 40% of the costs of a computer as a business 
cost on your taxes, each year.  So the value of that asset, you have to 
assume, is reduced by 40%.  I am trying to sort out what is the best way to 
do this in the accounting system so that I know the next year what part of 
the assets have been depriciated, what is still left, etc.  Has anyone come 
up with a nice way to handle this?

CCA is the specific term used for Canadian Capital Cost Allowance deductions:


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