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What is new in 1.2.0? A lot.

Hi all;

I thought it might be a good time to send out the changelog for 1.2.0.
This is a major release and we decided to change some things that
broke the easy upgrade path many may be accustomed to.  So plan
upgrades accordingly and know that there is help on the list.

Below is the changelog for 1.2.0.  It has been five months in coming,
and we have changed a lot of things.

Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.2.0

* Added script to configure Slony replication (Chris Browne)
* Added defined primary keys to all tables (Chris T)
* Database upgrades now use psql (Chris T)
* Defaults table now uses a simple key->value system (Chris T)
* Merged Pg-tables, Pg-functions, and Pg-indeces into Pg-database (Chris T)

* Added whitelist of allowed directories to file editor (Seneca)
* Audited All Perl Modules for SQL Injection attacks (Chris T)
* Forced edited files to have whitelisted extensions and no .. strings
(Chris T)* Users are now stored in a separate database instead of fs.
(Chris M)
* User database schema now included (Josh D)

* Moved localization files to standard codes (Seneca)
* Added cumulative tax support (Seneca)
* Translations now use Gettext (Seneca)
* Removed back-translation of function names for i18n (Seneca)
* Corrected parsing of numbers so that they are multi-run safe (Chris T)
* Added modular tax calculation support (no modules included yet) (Seneca)
* Added "1 000.00" number format (Chris T)
* Buttons are now localization-safe (Seneca)

Code Quality and API:
* Added logging module (Jason)
* Added session method abstraction (Chris T)
* Broke out price matrix calls into PriceMatrix.pm (Chris T)
* Added $form->callproc($procname, @args) returns @hashrefs (Chris T)
* Corrected rounding errors (Seneca)
* Code cleanup and template correction (Chris Murtagh)
* New template system (Chris T)
* IC.pm, OE.pm, and IS.pm are aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* Added LedgerSMB::Sysconfig for site-wide configuration (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB::IC is aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB::PE is aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* Testing suite added (Seneca)
* Moved all database calls to $form->{dbh} (CHris T)
* Form->redirect no longer makes use of exec (Chris T)

* Added first version of rpm spec from Mads Kiilerich (Chris T)
* Added Gentoo ebuilds documentation and metadata (Jason R)

Point of Sale:
* Added experimental TrustCommerce credit card processing (Chris T)
* Merged most of the rest of the SL-POS interface (Chris T)
* POS register now goes from add invoice to add invoice. (Chris T)
* Added pole display and separate cash drawer open calls. (Chris T)

User Interface:
* Moved IS/IR/OE the lineitem column list to the LedgerSMB::Sysconfig Chris T)
* Invoice now has an Onhand column (Chris T)
* Added simple text import function for invoices received (PDT's) (Chris T)

* ledger-smb.conf is now an ini file (Seneca)
* Experimental scripting wrapper in utils/cli (Chris T)
* doc/database directory now contains postgresql_autodoc output (Chris T)