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Re: Is "Delete dataset" functionality useful?

That sounds fair... In which case all that's needed is a clear
indication that is what to do. Documentation is king ;-)

I wonder if it's worth thinking about in-line help especially in
administrative functions. From my recollection, there is a lot of blank
real estate on some of those admin pages that could be usefully filled
with static tips. Just a thought - not specific to this issue.

It might seem obvious if you understand the internals of the system, but
I would probably be very nervous about dropping a db at the command line
if I wasn't sure of the implications. 

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 15:53 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> On 3/21/07, david <..hidden..> wrote:
> > I've used it when messing around with or testing new datasets. I'm not
> > sure what the alternative would be.
> The alternative would be dropdb from the command line or whatever
> PostgreSQL admin tool you like :-)
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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