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A Beginners Viewpoint

Thank you all for a wonderful application.

If everything crashes tomorrow you will have saved the company I am doing some work for £2700 and saved me (estimated) 20 hours work.

If this was written in php/mysql you would have obtained a bugfinder/minor developer as opposed to a fan.

The reason ledger-smb is soooo much better than SQL-Ledger is the availability of the manual while you are testing (and/or fire fighting).

The manual and/or the wiki really needs some specifics. I have a project numbered 1 when it could so easily have been flamingos conf 1.

I have supplier numbers that I hope I don't muck up.

I know that translation stuff causes problems which is why number is used rather than for example code but on the web page design would it not be possible for the description to list whether it wanted number/ alpha numeric or a choice of the 2 and what the default would be.

As a final note. There is no option to donate on your homepage. I hope you will consider adding this. I have a general rule that 1% of my earnings is contributed to open source (preferably FOSS) projects and those projects that generate income from me either receive 2 hours of my time or 1 hour of my pay whichever I consider most useful.

Maybe I should spend some time adding responses to the mailing list to the wiki?

Whatever, thank you for your application, your manual (++good), your mailing list archives and youer time and dedication.