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Re: Upgrade problems to 1.1.10

Robert Fraser wrote:
> I have just upgraded to 1.1.10 from 1.1.9.  I stupidly didn't backup
> up my ledgersmb directories (although I did make a database backup).
> Sigh.  Anyway, the upgrade wiped out my admin password, and all the
> user records that were previously in the Administration screen.  The
> <user>.conf files are still in the filesystem.

I just upgraded from 1.1.9 to 1.1.11 and had a similar issue.
Fortunately I did have a backup of my users/members file that I could
restore.  The 1.1.11 tarball (and I assume the 1.1.10 tarball too) has a
users/members file when previous releases did not.