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Re: Login problems

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Matt Jackson wrote:
> Ashley,
> The plot thickens! lol
> OK I tried the following, after doing a
> sudo su postgres
> and then psql
> and then got the
> postgres=#
> prompt and entered the following, with teh following result:
> postgres=# GRANT ALL ON SESSION TO "ledger-smb";
> ERROR:  relation "session" does not exist

D'oh! Sorry, when you run psql, add the database name as a parameter, ie:

psql ledger-smb

so that it actually opens the LSMB database, which contains the session table.

> Then I tried this, with the following result:
> postgres=# GRANT ALL ON * TO "ledger-smb";
> ERROR:  syntax error at or near "*" at character 14
> LINE 1: GRANT ALL ON * TO "ledger-smb";
>                      ^

Ahh, sorry - my bad again, that syntax is invalid. I don't know how to 
specify "all tables", so you would need to list them all out separately if 
you wanted to do that. You can get a list of tablenames by entering


in psql.

> Is my next step to find that config file? Must I be missing something from
> it?

Nope, stick with the psql bits, once we get past my bad advice we'll decide 
where to blindly run from there B-D

	Ashley J Gittins
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