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Re: Considering move from SQL-Ledger to LedgerSMB

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 10:37:43AM -0800, Chris Travers wrote:
> Doug Poland said:
>> I've been using SQL-Ledger for about a year and am currently
>> running 2.6.16 on PostgreSQL 8.1.4 to manage my small IT consulting
>> biz.  As I've fallen several rev's behind SL, I'm considering
>> making the leap to LedgerSMB instead of the latest SL.
>> My question is, how far can I "fall behind" LSMB before a migration
>> from SL 2.6.16 to LSBM is impossible or very *painful*?
> The migration to 1.1.8 is designed to be no more painless than an
> upgrade of SQL-Ledger.  1.2 will be harder and we are working on
> migration issues at the moment.
Since I'm not in a big hurry to upgrade, would you say that I'll have
and upgrade path after 1.2 is released?  As I am an Open Source
programmer/network admin, I'm capable and not afraid of rolling up my
sleeves.  That said, this is one app I don't get paid to drive and 
like it when it *just works*.

> There are two corner cases where you can run into problems, however:
> 1)  If you have custom views, the change from DOUBLE to NUMERIC may
> cause the upgrade to fail.  You will probably want to drop the views
> first, then recreate them later.  pg_dump can be used to dump view
> definitions.
I didn't do any customizing

> 2)  We are a lot more strict regarding data integrity than
> SQL-Ledger. There are a number of situations where data corruption in
> SQL-Ledger is allowed to slide and in these cases, the upgrade will
> fail.  We can help you resolve these issues, however.
Thats hard for me to know and will cross that bridge if necessary :(

> My recommendation is to create a copy of your database and use that
> for the upgrade.  Something like createdb -T sql-ledger ledger-smb
> will create a new database named ledger-smb as a copy of sql-ledger.
> Of course having other backups is a good idea for reasons other than
> the upgrade.
I don't do *anything* in SL without backups :)   Thanks for your advice!