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Re: Taxes setup form

On 2/26/07, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
The description is in the COA entry, while the rate is stored
separately.  Maybe sometime soon we can address this issue as I have
found this frustrating sometimes too.

Using the COA description is not a bad concept. It treats the tax
desciption as an important application object. Which maybe it is, in
some circumstances.

Maybe just a note on the tax screen to direct us to the COA for a
description change would suffice.

Hope this helps,

It has certainly helped. Sorry for distracting you with these
questions. Let me know if I can be of any immediate help with user
documentation, or process description, etc.

I will try and get up to speed with perl asap. I have only written a
few ad hoc routines in the past and, even though they were used in
production, they were more cut and paste than new thoughts.

I would like to take this application live in a small business with
two warehouses and an active sales force. They are ready for change
and this looks like a good fit.

Thanks again.