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Taxes setup form

Hi Everyone,

I think I have scoured the mailing list and documentation, but I do
not find mention of a data dictionary. I did try reading the source
code, but I'm still not getting it. I am trying to guess the meaning
of a few fields on the Taxes form but I come up short.

The "Rate%" field is easily understood as the numeric value used to
calculate tax. If I enter a value here, why does the tax description
still show a different percentage value?

What does the Number field do (I see in Postgresql that it is a text field)

What happens when the Valid To date field is reached?

I am guessing the Ordering field determines the order of applied taxes
(does leaving them zero default the order from top to bottom?)

I understand that the Tax Rules field is for the currently available
calculation method.

I am trying to use the program in BC, Canada, so we will need
provincial tax (PST), and Goods and Services Tax (GST).  Each tax is
applied to the sales/purchase total seperately (for example, we do not
apply PST to the sale+GST, just to the sale).

Regards to all,