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Re: Compiling list of service providers. Reply on- or off-list

Hi, Ed,

Ed W wrote:
> Hi
>> and provides a web interface for paying open Ledger-SMB
>> invoices on a web site (currently hooked to Paypal).
> This is something that I am interested in developing.  I need mine to 
> hook into an alternative payment provider (Protx as it happens, but the 
> details should be unimportant)
> Would you care to share some details on what you did?
It was some time ago that I initially set it up. I basically wrote a PHP
class to interface with the AR table, and look for unpaid invoices, and
called it from another framework I've put together that authenticates
the customer against another database. The actual glue code was pretty
simple, but this is part of a system that has gone through a number of
architectural revisions, and isn't all that clean.

This is all part of a much bigger application I've been very slowly
putting together. The actual code for the invoicing and Paypal
connection is actually really tiny, though I never quite closed the loop
of having Paypal confirm receipt in Ledger-SMB.

I'm (finally) back in this code building out other parts of the
application, and will likely be re-addressing the invoice code in the
next couple weeks... contact me off list if you'd like a sneak peek, or
I can let you know when I've got more ready to go...


John Locke
"Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems"
published by Charles River Media, June 2004