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Re: Cross currency invoices

"Chris Travers" <..hidden..> writes:

> To tell you the truth, I have no experience in this area.  However,
> looking at the database schema, the currencies are stored relative to
> the invoices.  Therefore, assuming that the code works, it should do
> exactly as you say.  No guarantees though :-)  Hopefully soon we can
> revise this to make sure it always works properly.

If you're looking at the currency code, can you fix my pet bugbear:

* the exchange rate applies to all transactions in that currency that
  day, and the only way to change it is to remove _all_ transactions
  in that currency and repost them.

Either a method of editing the exchange rate (for when someone puts the
reciprocal in!) or the ability to assign one rate per transaction item
would be good...

cheers, Rich.

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