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Re: Purchase parts/services same as sales?

It seems like we need some way to distinguish between parts which are
available for purchase vs. those available for sale. A set of checkboxes
would do it. Is there one I'm not seeing?

This is especially true for service businesses that create products from raw materials, such as custom ceramics, as just one example.

The purchased goods are almost exclusively raw materials purchased in bulk and they have very little relation to the value of the finished product.

A link between purchased goods and sold goods is not needed in such a scenario. In fact, that kind of link gets in the way because it insists on managing inventory through sales orders when in fact inventory is almost always managed by a combination of minimum levels plus demand flow.

I am evaluating Ledger-smb for a short run custom production kind of business and even though we ship physical products, the business actually behaves more like a service business. Job-shop work flow accounting is what I think we need.

In the quoted comment above, it looks like it describes a conventional BUY-HOLD-SELL business model. We aren't that kind of business. Nor are we a typical fee-for-service (plus expenses) business like a law office or architect would be.

I'm using this thread as a jumping-in point to ask some questions about Ledger-smb for my business.

Thanks in advance for your advice.