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Re: Rehash: LedgerSMB Wiki

I am going to chime in here.

I deeply appreciate your offer.  One of the major reasons we went with
the CMS was because of a bad experience I had with the SQL-Ledger
Wiki.  I understand that there is a desire to have something that
people can look to as a quick way to collaborate and I value that.  I
just have no desire to have to worry about the issues that surface

If you want to host a wiki, I say "Go for it."  However, I am going to
make a few suggestions:

1)  You might as well make it a subdomain of Frauerpower.com.  Since
it is not run by the core team, this offers both of us opportunities.
It offers us the opportunity to showcase the community, and it gives
you the opportunity to showcase your involvement in the community and
the value you can bring to prospective customers.

2)  I am more than happy to provide a link to it from our official
community documentation site.

3)  Leah-- it is great to have your involvement in this project.  I
remember being in touch with you previously about nTPV and I want to
highlight that I think your involvement potentially brings a lot to
our community.  Too bad I didn't know about your involvement earlier,
or I would have sent some Toronto-area interested people your way.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers