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Which version of ledger-smb to use?


I'm running OSX 10.4 on an Intel machine.

I've downloaded and installed beta 1.20-3 and had a few problems entering data (could by my fault?), so I am thinking I want to revert to the most stable version or the version that works best for everyone?

I've got two questions.

1. Should I use svn trunk or use one of the 'stable' copies (also is the the svn 'VERSION' file being updated?, I noticed you spoke about 1.1.6 on the mailing list, but the subversion copy does not seem to have been updated for a few weeks?) So which do you think I should use?

2. Is there any way to download all the email archives for both lists so I don't ask the same question that other folks might have asked?

I like the general idea of where you plan on taking ledger-smb. I am very interested in using mostly the backend and tying in another front-end system for most of the transactions, assuming I can begin to use the current perl front end and understand what is going on.