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Howdy folks...

I'm stuck on taxes again. I've been trying to find every which way possible to use the default simple taxes within LSMB 1.2 to accomplish my tax needs to avoid making things complicated but it's not working. Taxes are only applicable if the shipping address is in New York state. Here's the scenario, however:

1) There are two types of taxes: exempt and non_exempt. Exempt taxes apply to apparel over $110. Non_exempt taxes apply to all apparel below $110 as well as all other product except food.

2) non-exempt taxes are state tax (4%) plus county tax (variable percentage between 3% and 5%).

3) exempt taxes are a variable percentage determined by the county and ranges from 0% to 5% but are exempt from the state tax rate.

4) tax rates can change roughly every 3 months.

5) shipping is taxed at the non-exempt tax rate (state tax rate + county rate).

6) county tax rate for exempt and non-exempt taxes can differ.

Given the above scenario, I don't think I can really set up taxes using the simple tax system, which seems to expect a flat percentage applied to all items. I tried applying it by customer only and not by product and, as you can guess, the simple rate just didn't since the tax rate has to change to fit the county of residence for the shipping address. It also seems impractical to set up 164 (or more) separate tax accounts and figure out which city goes to which county. Even if I did that, I'd have to select two tax accounts per user and then the tax calculations would be wrong.

On the e-commerce side of the application, I have the tax calculating correctly and there's no need to adjust taxes so long as the table specifying the correct percentages is kept up to date.

My questions:

1) Do I need to create a separate tax module? If I do need to create a separate tax module to handle this, can someone give me some general guidelines on how to go about creating the module? I couldn't find anything in the documentation that would set me on the right path.

2) I'm think that I'd be better served by setting this up a service and approaching it from that manner, especially since the e-commerce side of the application already handles the tax issues easily and correctly. It would be a simple matter to pass in the total. But when setting up a service, you need both an income and an expense account. I'm assuming the income account would be the tax account. Do I need to create a new expense account? If so, how should I set it up? If not, what expense account should I attach it to?

Thanks in advance for any help,