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Time Cards and Projects - billing for professional services

I am trying to figure out how to set up Ledger SMB Projects and Time cards to bill for professional services for a small firm.
Here is the scenario -I'll use a firm of architects though it would be almost the same for a firm of solicitors, auditors ???

The architects provide about 8 different types of work - planning / building code compliance/  sketching, on-site inspections etc.

The firm employs 12 architects,  who each bill their time at different rates. (senior architect - Eur50/hr  Junior / 25 hour etc.

What I need is for each architect to be able to log in, fill in the time card, including what service they were providing, and what project/client they were working on. 

Then I need someone in the office to be able to pull the timecards into an invoice to the client

I've created the projects, and I've created the various categories of work as services - Each architect can log in and create time cards and tell what he was doing on which project. However what I can't do yet is get the hourly rate assigned to each architect so that the amounts can be calculated. Am I missing something? Any ideas on how to get this to work?

Steve Jacobs

Steve Jacobs