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Re: Various usage questions

--- Bruce Hohl <..hidden..> wrote:

> When putting LedgerSMB through my sample
> transactions
> flows I ran into the following snags:
> Problem 1: 
> Goods & Services > Reports > Parts > Continue 
> select part 1234001 (entered previously)
> select Vendors from list and add Lead Time
> Click "Update" then "Save"
> Then if I return to the part the Vendor is 
> no longer listed.  Have I done this correctly?
> Problem #2:
> Similar to the above after adding "Individual" 
> items to an assembly, update, save.
> Upon return the Individual items are not present.
> Again, have I done this correctly?
> Thanks for any comments on the above.
OK. I figured out what I was doing incorrectly for
Problem #1.  Apparently, all data fields (Vendor,
Number, Cost, Currency, Leadtime) must be completed
for the data insert to be successful.  I tried to
leave out the Number and Cost fields.

Just ignore Problem #2 as well.  I will repost in
specific detail if I can't figure out how to create an assembly.

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