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Re: How to add shipping charge to sales invoice


What if tax needs to be applied on a case-by-case basis? If you've ever dealt with the New York State tax code, you'll understand that I can't just apply a flat percentage. It's all very much dependent on the location within the state and the item(s) ordered as to what percentage will apply per line item.

Is there any way to adjust the tax manually when creating the order?

Chris Travers wrote:
Taxes are handled differently.  They are calculated separately and are
not included as invoice line items.

On 11/19/06, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris Travers wrote:
On 11/19/06, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:

What you're saying is that shipping charges is a line item within the
sales order/sales invoice?  Does that hold true for taxes as well?

I would put shipping as a line item on the invoice (something added).
Eventually, it might be a good idea to add shipping modules.  In fact,
that should be a feature request. :-)
What about taxes?  Is this a line item also?  For this client, taxes is
only applied to orders within the state they do business.  Any orders
that originate outside of the state aren't charged taxes.