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Re: Starting inventory

Alright.  But that brings up another question:

The customer has already paid for these items. If I create an invoice to put these items into inventory for the first time, isn't that going to create an open invoice that will never be closed?

Thanks for your help and patience thus far!


Chris Travers wrote:
Create an invoice with the cost your customer paid for their current inventory.

If you would like help doing this via a data import system, the tables
you will need to  affect are:
ap, invoice, acc_trans.  Invoice needs to store the quantity and cost
of each item so that it can be moved out of inventory properly.  ap
needs to have summary information including totals.  acc_trans needs
to actually have the accounting numbers.

Currently there is no initial import functionality to LSMB.  THere has
been talk in the past of writing one, but this hasn't become a
priority yet with everythng else that needs to be done.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 11/10/06, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:
Howdy folks!

I'm in the process of moving a client over from a system that wasn't as
accurate as it should be and has caused all sorts of problems.  Instead
of trying to move over invoices and old orders and the like to try to
get inventory started, we would like to start from the ground and work
from there.

My question:  What is the correct way to enter the starting inventory
for each part into LedgerSMB?