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Re: Installing LedgerSMB into a schema?

David Tangye wrote:
On Mon, 2006-11-06 at 00:25 -0600, Charley Tiggs wrote:
Is it possible to install LedgerSMB into a schema?

I am a bit confused by this question and the discussion of the past
LSMB IS in a schema surely: the 'public' schema.

Sorry, my internet connection went down this a.m. and only just now came back up.

I should have been more explicit with regards to my question. I already have a current application that has a set of tables. The tables for that application are installed in the public schema. I'm wanting to install the tables for LedgerSMB into a separate schema that would provide logical separation of the tables instead of creating a whole new database. I'd like to do this for a number of reasons, the biggest being that I have to store the data for the products in a manner that LedgerSMB doesn't seem to allow at the moment. So, I create the product in the clients existing app and then push that data to LSMB in a format that LSMB will accept.

Right now, I have to do this via the API. While I don't mind doing it via the API, it'd be much easier if I could create a trigger within postgres to accomplish this for me (but only for information that has no bearing on financial data).

Am I making more sense now?

But, back to the pros and cons of LSMB in a separate schema vs a whole new DB, if you think in terms of shared hosting, sometimes, the client only has the ability to create one DB and has to pay to have a second. Installing into a schema may be the most effective approach for those folks.