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Re: Importing customers

Chris Travers wrote:


Needless to say, this doesn't work well for bulk imports :-)  For 1.2,
I am working on a new CLI script host that may be more helpful.  It
will be experimental for the 1.2 code and plans are to formalize it
for 1.3.  This will be noticeably better, but will still leave a lot
to be desired.

Can you give a rough ETA on 1.2 (3 weeks, 3 months)? The app I'm working on won't be deployed until mid to late December. I have about 300,000 legacy transactions to get into LSMB. Like you said, bulk imports just isn't going very well and the sample SL import scripts don't appear to work with my data.

From all I've read, there are some very cool things happening with the CLI interface in LSMB that I'm very interested in. I don't have the knowledge of Perl to assist in actually moving this along but I'm more than willing to test. Just tell me how to get started. :)