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Re: Fixing dataset configuration

Hi Josh;

We are quite aware of the shortcomings of the current setup and are
planning on doing more re-engineering in future versions.

I have some thoughts on the subject and will be sharing them when we
hit feature freeze.  The plan is to get the user information into the
database at this point and then in the near future re-engineer the
whole user/role architecture.  I have a number of thoughts on this
matter that I can share after we hit feature freeze.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 10/24/06, Josh Berkus <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris, Chris, all:

The way it is now:  sets of database configuration parameters are stored
with each *user*.  This means that in order to add a new user, you have to
know the database name, port, password and other connection information or
the user add just fails.  And the "dataset" name is pretty much useless
since a dataset is not reusable between users, and a user cannot access
more than one dataset/database.

The way it should be:  datasets should be a seperate configuration screen,
and a separate table, in the admin interface.  The admin should just
choose a dataset, or *multiple* datasets, for a new/modified user, and all
connection information should inherit from the dataset.

Of course, maybe this should be part of proper role/group management in the
future, but it's a step forwards even if we just fix datasets.

... when you get around to it.  Thanks.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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